We are Ÿnsect Human Nutrition & Health: the food branch of Ÿnsect, world leader in the production of natural insect ingredients.

Founded in 2011 in Paris, France by scientists and environmental activists, B Corp-certified Ÿnsect works with the very best food scientists and experts to offer a sustainable, healthy, and plentiful solution to feed the world without consuming the planet.

By 2050, we need to increase our food production by 70% to meet the need of people globally. And this, with only 5% extra arable land. At Ynsect, we use 98% less land and 50% fewer resources than traditional livestock farming, combatting climate change and biodiversity degradation, while still offering a healthy, premium, and plentiful protein.

How? With three facilities, Ÿnsect is the global leader in insect ingredients. Our company has developed the vertical farm concept which allow us to cultivate our mealworms (yellow and lesser) in a zero waste circular economy model. Today, our vertical farms are fully automated by robots which feed, harvest and process the insects. Ÿnsect has developed AI models as well as computer vision to create the optimal environment for insect production. Thanks to these innovative proprietary technologies, we will be able to produce some 230 000 tons of ingredients by 2022 and so to meet a growing demand.

Noodles with WBP ingredient

With our functional, nutritious, and sustainable ingredient range, AdalbaPro, Ÿnsect Human Nutrition & Health is feeding the world today and nourishing the world of tomorrow. In the years to come, eating insects will be the new normal for a healthy lifestyle. And we believe that the future begins today.

Together with an international team of passionate people and partners, including the Wageningen University, Ÿnsect Human Nutrition & Health produces effective, nutritious, and functional ingredients for bakery, sports nutrition, pasta, meat alternatives, and more.


Everyday, in France, the Netherlands and the USA, more than 200 highly qualified international employees are working together to meet the challenges of global food security, the preservation of our planet’s environment and climate change. Ÿnsect Group has received more than 60 awards and distinctions, placing us among the most innovative and attractive companies in the world.



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